SC2017 Action Advocacy

Ontario Library Association Super Conference 2017

Soapbox 3.0: Action Advocacy for School Libraries

OLA SC 2017Presented by Anita Brooks Kirkland

Once upon a time advocacy came from the soapbox: you know, the “You’d better like us because we’re good for you” approach. We’ve since learned that advocacy means demonstrating value, with clear evidence of the school library program’s impact on student learning. Action advocacy for school libraries, “Soapbox 3.0”, takes us a step further, with powerful and practical strategies for demonstrating program value, cultivating relationships to extend our influence, and positioning school libraries to lead learning for the future. Value, Influence, Positioning (VIP) moves from telling to participating, and to connecting with peers, influencers and decision-makers. In this session we’ll explore resources and tools to make connections at every level, starting at your school. Action advocacy is hands on, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and collaborate on practical strategies to make the action advocacy VIP connection.


Minds On

What’s in the message? What do we say about libraries when we share a meme, name a conference session, or publish a story?

Evolution of Advocacy Approaches

An overview of advocacy approaches. From “good medicine” to Value, Influence and Positioning.

Table Talk: Considering these “Soapbox 1.0 and 2.0 approaches, what should we: Throw Out? Keep? Develop Further?

Anita’s Top Ten Action Advocacy Tips

We all own it, at every level of an organization and across the profession. We demonstrate our worth and move the profession and program forward through what we do every day.

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