Getting the Message Right

Advocacy for school libraries and for teacher-librarians is a tricky business. Clearly we have powerful ideas and evidence to share. In an atmosphere of seemingly perpetual crisis, however, advocacy often tends to focus on pointing out what is wrong rather than what is right. The net effect is often the assumption of overwhelming odds against progress and consequent apathy from our constituents and from those we hope to influence. This is a huge dilemma and an important issue for us to grapple with in order to advocate effectively.

WLMA Video: Teacher Librarians at the Heart of Learning

I am very impressed with this new video from the Washington Library Media Association. It hits all of main messages, includes the right voices, is positive rather than preachy, and effectively connects with the larger strategic goals of K-12 education. The note of desperation that frequently underpins similar efforts is completely absent. These are competent, trustworthy professionals. Food for thought, and an excellent model.

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