QSLiN 2019

The Strategic Librarian: Action Advocacy for the School Library Learning Commons

QSLiN Library Symposium: March 28, 2019, Pointe-Claire, Québec

In this era of unprecedented technological and social change, people’s perception of the library is shifting dramatically. A decade ago many questioned its very relevance. After all, who needed libraries when we had the Internet! But all along libraries have been reinventing themselves as hubs of creativity, collaboration and innovation, and realizing new purpose. Public libraries are active community hubs and university libraries are innovative learning centres. Where do school libraries fit into this picture? How do we capture the imagination of decision-makers and help them realize the potential of the school library? Leave this session feeling empowered to take action as we advocate for the unique value of the school library learning commons.

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Anita’s Articles

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Additional Resources

American Association of School Librarians (AASL/ALA): Advocacy

American Libraries (2014). School Libraries Transform Learning. Note article by Barbara Stripling (p. 8) – Reimagining Advocacy for School Libraries: Creating a Strategy for Getting out Your Message

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Ontario Library Association: School Library Advocacy


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Leading Learning

Leading Learning: Standards of Practice for School Library Learning Commons in Canada provides a guide for the transition of school libraries to vibrant centres of teaching and learning responsive to the diverse needs of learners today and into the future. It also serves as a measurement tool to help schools determine where they are now with library facilities and programs and where they want to advance to.

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CSL Research Archive

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Imagine Your Library

Created in 2011. Have we moved forward since then? What would you include in an updated version?