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The learning commons approach is a response to the growing complexity of today’s technology-enabled world, and the rapid rate of change. Preparing students to be successful citizens  in this context means preparing them to be lifelong learners. Learning dispositions like problem-solving, critical thinking, transliteracy, creativity and collaboration become paramount.

The 21st Century Learner

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The Learning Commons Approach

Ontario’s guideline document, Together for Learning: School Libraries and the Emergence of the Learning Commons (Ontario School Library Association, 2010) describes the learning commons as a whole school approach.

A Learning Commons is a vibrant, whole-school approach, presenting exciting opportunities for collaboration among teachers, teacher-librarians and students. With a Learning Commons, new relationships are formed between learners, new technologies are realized and utilized, and both students and educators prepare for the future as they learn new ways to learn.

Together for Learning: Learning Commons Expectations














The School Library at the Hub of the Learning Commons

All libraries are built on the foundational principle of supporting learning by facilitating the free exploration of ideas. Libraries from all sectors are building on that foundation to transform understanding of the role of the library from a place to access ideas into a place to fuel knowledge-building and creativity. School libraries in particular are re-inventing themselves as collaborative learning hubs, rich in technology, and building capacity for new ways of learning and creating.

Leading Learning SLLC

Follow British Columbia’s Learning Commons Journey

School Library Learning Commons Guidelines and Standards


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