Nurturing Our Digital Literacy

(Originally posted February 2, 2011 on Blogger)

I write a regular column in School Libraries in Canada (SLIC), the online journal of the Canadian Association for School Libraries. The Winter 2011 edition has just been released, with the theme, Science Facts and Fiction. The issue includes a fabulous interview with Cory Doctorow, conducted by SLIC editor Derrick Grose. This is definitely recommended reading, especially for anyone who doubts the power of the librarian!

My own column in this issue focuses on new literacies for teacher-librarians. The article, Nurturing Our Digital Literacy, is adapted from the paper I submitted to last June’s Treasure Mountain Canada, Teacher-Librarians and the New Learning Divide Part II: Teacher-Librarians Learning To Learn. The digital divide today is not as much about access to technology as it is about technology is – or is not – used for learning in our schools. The article focuses on why teacher-librarians have more responsibility than other teachers to develop their own digital literacy, positioned as we are to be leaders in bridging the digital learning divide.

I have myself been experiencing some new ways to learn, last week at Educon 2.3 and this week at the Ontario Library Association Super Conference 2011. I’ll be reflecting on these experiences in future posts.  

Ontario Library Association Super Conference 2011 Presentations

OSLA Spotlight Session: The Great Web 2.0 Face-Off!
With Carol Koechlin, Mark Carbone, Doug Peterson, Zoe Branigan-Pipe, Colleen Rampelt, Rick Budding, Roger Nevin and Diana Maliszeski, with Becky Rouse and Di Bedard. 

From Vision to Action: Building an Online Library Learning Commons.
Anita Brooks Kirkland, Janet Dixon and Becky Rouse. 

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