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Super Conference Reflections: Leadership & Advocacy

First in a series of reflections on my Ontario Library Association Super Conference 2012 experience. The theme of this conference was innovation, which to me is at the core of advocacy and leadership. Some of the speakers whose ideas resonated … Continue reading

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Educon 2.3 Conversations

(Originally posted February 6, 2011 on Blogger) I’ve had a whirlwind couple of weeks on the conference circuit, first with Educon 2.3 in Philadelphia and then the Ontario Library Association‘s most aptly named Super Conference in Toronto. Time to reflect, … Continue reading

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Implementing Together for Learning

(Originally posted November 14, 2010 on Blogger) I’m preparing a full-day professional development event for our elementary and secondary teacher-librarians, which takes place later this week. The focus is on our plans for implementing the new Ontario guideline document, Together … Continue reading

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