Digital Literacy: Opportunities in the Learning Commons

I’ve been writing a lot about digital literacy, most recently with this article, just published in the current issue of School Libraries in Canada (SLIC).

My focus for previous articles has been informing ourselves about the issues and the research – debunking the myth of the digital native / digital immigrant divide, and calling on educators – most particularly teacher-librarians – to address digital literacy in meaningful and authentic ways. This article looks at what students need and want in their “digital” learning and the opportunities  this creates for the school library learning commons, with instructional leadership from the teacher-librarians. Please do have a look!

This whole issue of SLIC is great, focusing on resources for learning about the First World War in this the centenary of its onset, as well as other articles relevant to today’s school library learning commons.

A. Brooks Kirkland (2014). Digital Literacy: Opportunities in the Learning Commons. School Libraries in Canada 32(3).

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