ABQLA May 2015




ABQLA Annual Conference

May 7, 2015

Leading Learning to Transform School Libraries

Presentation File: AnitaBK_LeadingLearning_ABQLA2015.pptx

 Supporting Links

Leading LearningCanadian Library Association. Leading Learning: Standards of Practice for School Library Learning Commons in Canada

Ontario School Library Association. Together for Learning: School Libraries and the Emergence of the Learning Commons pdficonS

Together for LearningOntario Library Association: Ensemble pour apprendre: Les bibliotèques scolaires et l’emergence d’un carrefour d’apprentissage pdficonS

Together for Learning website: Document and supporting content

RSC Expert Panel ReportRoyal Society of Canada Expert Panel Report. The Future Now: Canada’s Libraries, Archives and Public Memory

Leading Learning National Project: Collaborative contributions from across Canada

TMCanadaTreasure Mountain Canada 2014

Quebec School Librarians’ Network (QSLiN)

Association pour la promotion des services documentaires scolaires (APSDS)

Supporting Articles

Loertscher & Koechlin: Library to Learning Commons (Article in Education Canada)

Loertscher & Koechlin: The School Learning Commons Knowledge-Building Center

Koechlin & Brooks Kirkland: Collaborative Leadership: A Learning Commons Model, The Trillium (July 2014). ASCD Ontario

Diane Oberg: Relentlessly Focused on Learning: The Role of Evaluation

Brooks Kirkland: Transforming Library Spaces

Brooks Kirkland: The Virtual Library as a Learning Hub

Brooks Kirkland: Digital Literacy: Opportunities in the Learning Commons

Brooks Kirkland: From Hubris to Humility: Welcoming New Standards for School Libraries in Canada

By the Brooks blog post: Leading Learning Receives OLA President’s Award