Canadian Voices for School Libraries

I have been spending quite a lot of my time over the past weeks and months working on the creation of an new national school library association, Canadian Voices for School Libraries (CVSL).

The dissolution of the Canadian Library Association presented a huge problem for school library practitioners and supporters. There was the possibility of losing not only our national online journal, School Libraries in Canada (SLiC), but our new national standards document, Leading Learning, would also have lost its home base. With these concerns in mind, I wrote a paper for the last Treasure Mountain Canada symposium exploring the potential for a new national school library association. Discussion at the symposium led to the creation of a working group, whose first task was to conduct a national survey.

Results from the survey were overwhelmingly in favour of moving forward. We have now reached an agreement with the Canadian Library Association for the transfer of SLiC and Leading Learning to CVSL, and are busy developing our organizational structure, fundraising, and being proactive about project development.

I invite you to explore these news updates from CVSL:

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New Info
CVSL Progress Report and Canada Day Challenge!


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