Internet Librarian 2011

The Great Web Tools Face-Off!

There are tools, tools, tools, but this event features learn, learn, learn while having fun! Our panel has ideas, but be sure to bring yours too! If we want to improve collaborative work, productivity, data representation, and research, what are the best Web 2.0 tools to use?

The Game Plan!

Three periods of play jam-packed with ideas, tips and tricks — and even penalties and power plays! Team 1 (Blue Jerseys) takes on Team 2 (Red Jerseys) with captains and players while referees keep the pace going, and there is additional color commentary and expert analysis between periods. The game will be fast-paced, so be ready to tweet your cheers.

Host: Anita Brooks Kirkland, Consultant, Information Technology Services, K-12 Libraries, Waterloo Region District School Board

Expert Analyst: Marshall Breeding, Darlene Fichter
Color Commentator: Stephen Abram
Red Team: Amy Buckland, Captain, Ruth Kneale, Jeff Wisniewski
Blue Team: Blake Carver, Captain, Lisa Carlucci Thomas, Michael Porter

Technical Directors: Jane Dysart, JD Thomas

Session Website:

Internet Librarian 2011 Conference Website