Ed Institute 2011

Education Institute
November 2011

The Great Web 2.0 Face-Off Post-Game Show

Web 2.0 tools are all the rage, but how do they boost learning? That was the key question facing two teams of exemplary educators as they faced off at Super Conference 2011 and again at the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario’s fall conference, hosted by today’s presenter. During three jam-packed periods of play, the teams shared their best ideas for using Web 2.0 tools to optimize student learning. Expert analysts connected the teams’ ideas to powerful pedagogy in the intermissions and post-game shows.

This session looks back at the highlights of both games. We’ll have a look at the top web apps advocated by the teams for how they boost learning. Most importantly, we’ll look at how to match technology to great pedagogy, moving beyond novelty and flash to empowering learning.

The Key Benefits for Participants:

There seem to be an overwhelming number of choices when it comes to interactive web technologies. This session will help you cut to the chase as an educator, highlighting the technologies worth learning, and sharing some great ideas for where they fit into curriculum and great pedagogy.

Key Topics to be Explored:

  • How do Web2.0 technologies boost learning?
  • What are the best web apps for K-12 education?
  • How do technology and great pedagogy intersect, especially in the library program?

Session Presentation Format: Webinar

Great Web 2.0 Face-Off Post-Game Show presentation: