Journées des formation de l’APSDS

I am very pleased to be speaking this week in Drummondville, Québec. All session materials are available on this website. Tous les documents de session sont disponible sur mon site Web.


Journées des formation de l’APSDS

(December 13-14, 2018)

Action Advocacy for the School Library Learning Commons
La promotion d’action de la bibliothèque scolaire

Advocacy or Activism?

Session Materials / Documents de la session

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Canadian School Library Day 2018

Canadian School Library Day#CSLDay2018

Monday October 22 is Canadian School Library Day. As the chair of Canadian School Libraries (CSL), I am very pleased to play a role in promoting this event to celebrate the positive contributions of school libraries across the country.

CSL applauds the brilliant work that school libraries accomplish every single day across Canada. We invite everyone to shine a light on how learning in the Library Learning Commons is making a difference in their school on Monday October 22 and capture and share the joy of Reading – Researching – Browsing – Playing – Making – Tinkering – Creating – Designing.

Please contribute to the day by sharing your school library stories on social media with the hashtag: #CSLDay2018

Journée nationale des bibliothèques scolaires#CSLDay2018

Learn more about Canadian School Library Day on the CSL website.


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First Nations Public Library Week

First Nations Public Library WeekOctober 1 – 7 is First Nations Public Library Week in Ontario. The week celebrates the vital role of libraries in Ontario’s Indigenous communities by looking to the future and envisioning the possibilities.

The Future of First Nation Public Libraries is an exploratory theme that broadens the conversation about what First Nation libraries are today and how First Nation libraries could operate in the future. Public libraries respond to community needs and mirror changes by offering relevant library programming and collections.”
(OSLN: First Nations Public Library Week)

I love this approach. Innovation in practice inspires communities and increases understanding of the potential of libraries. Certainly we see this in the school library world.

Having said that, First Nations public libraries face particular challenges in Ontario. Of the 133 First Nations in Ontario only 46 have public libraries. Tax revenue streams that fund other public libraries in the province are not available to First Nations communities (Ontario Library Association: First Nations Public Library Issues).

Raising awareness of these issues should be of vital importance to everyone involved in libraries from every sector. We are all part of the broader library ecosystem. Please help raise this awareness, and support First Nations as they realize the potential of libraries to enrich their communities.

Learn More:

Ontario Library Services North: First Nations Public Library Week

Ontario Library Association: First Nations Public Library Issues

Canadian Federation of Library Associations / Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques: Truth and Reconciliation Report


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